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Targeted at consumers of non-fiction books across a variety of genres –
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WHY Precily ?

Precily Summaries: Because busy people like you want to read many books to professional and personal growth, Precily offers short distilled summary of a complex lengthy book. Right in your mobile, so you can read it on-the- go.

Take the first sip of a book in just 2 minutes.
Like the flavour?
Want a little more to savour?
Dip into a 10-minute summary that lets you in on sold detail to help decide if you want to buy the book

Precily Publishing: Book precis of established authors, new-gen authors catering to the knowledge SavvY new age reader. We aim to create a world-class Indian publishing company that redefines reading and writing for the digital age.

Precily, provides a ready platform to aspiring and known authors to better showcase and monetize their talents.

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Precily is available for Android phones. iOS App & Windows app under development.

What do you pay ?

We offer unlimited access with two options




  • Text Summaries only.




  • Text of summaries purchased.
  • Add On.
  • Audio summary of text summaries purchased.
  • Caricatures of text summaries purchased.


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